• Learn the foundational nutrition & lifestyle changes you need to reclaim the energy you once had. Learn WHY your brain fog happened and what to do to prevent it from coming back!

Sustained Energy

Laser-Sharp Focus

Michelle S., BFB Alum

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For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again! My brain feels less "fuzzy" and I can actually focus on the task at hand!

Katherine D.

BFB Alum 2020

The resources and materials provided are WONDERFUL. I have a few of them on my refrigerator and the others saved on my phone.

Sarah A.

BFB Alum 2020

Much more energy, confident in my food choices, not feeling "left out" or missing food that I'm not currently able to eat, learning about my body and which foods it is more "sensitive" to and why!

Ashley W.

BFB Alum 2020

I did not come back from my trip 5 pounds heavier like usual vacations because the plan is so easy to follow!  I did not feel bloated at all while on our trip and did not come back feeling like my body needed a "detox". I also did not feel like I was on a "diet" during our trip, I only felt I was feeding my body with what it needs.  I felt accomplished!

Christy D.

BFB Alum 2020

Are you ready to...

  • Have sustained energy throughout the day to conquer your to-do list

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  • Drink coffee because you enjoy it... not because you NEED it.

  • Quit wasting time and money on quick-fix diets and supplements that never work.

  • Be in control of your mood by eating to support you hormones.