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  • You're always tired. 

    Is coffee the only way you're making it through the day? Are you restless and not sleeping at night? Do you wake up cravings more sleep?

  • You're forgetful. 

    Do you find yourself constantly retracing your steps or forgetting why you came into a room?

  • You can't concentrate. 

    Are you always scrambling for your words or finding it difficult to complete a thought? Is your "to-do" list never done?

  • Your mood is all over the place. 

    Are you a ticking time bomb? Does the smallest event set you off?


  • You're finding it hard to engage. 

    Do you feel like a bore to be around? Are you having a hard time holding conversations?

What is "Brain Fog Bootcamp"

Brain Fog Bootcamp is your online guide to banishing brain fog, enhancing energy, and reclaiming your brain

Join in a self-guided, FOUR week, expert curated course that equips you with the foundations for banishing your brain fog, enhancing your energy, and making your body feel like "home" again. No fad diets or unrealistic expectations here! Nicole Fennell, Registered Dietitian and specialist in energy improvement, provides you tangible, realistic, and easy-to-incorporate diet and lifestyle improvements to get you feeling like YOU again.

  • Step by step

    Learn the foundational nutrition & lifestyle changes you need to reclaim the energy you once had. Learn WHY your brain fog happened and what to do to prevent it from coming back!

  • Self-Paced

    Go as quickly or slowly as fits your life. Also enjoy lifetime access to webinars, meal plans, and resources

  • No Fad Diets

    Created by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & specialist in Integrative & Functional Nutrition Therapy

  • All the tools you need

    Equip yourself with 5+ weeks of meal plans, 50+ real-food recipes, meal templates.

Imagine having...

Sustained Energy

Conquer your to-do list and still have energy to spare

Laser-Sharp Focus

Decrease distractions and improve attention on tasks

Clear Thoughts

No more fumbling for words or losing track of ideas.

Mood Stability

Never be on the mood-swing roller coaster again!

Improved Memory

Have the freedom to live life without having to write everything down

Restful Sleep

Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your day without a constant flow of caffeine

I spent years feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, trying every quick fix diet and supplement I could get my hands on. It wasn't until I identified and worked on my ROOT CAUSE that I started to notice a HUGE improvement in my concentration, energy, and mood.

Michelle S., BFB Alum

Meet the 

B.R.A.I.N. Method

The proven step-by-step program to achieve root cause resolution!

Week One: Blood Sugar Stability 

Week Three: Inflammation & Gut Health

Bonus Modules: Supplement & Lab Review

Week Two: Stress & Sleep Support

Week Four: Navigating "real life"

Materials Included

How BFB works...

  • Take the "Brain Fog Subtype" quiz to find out your main root cause

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Tune into expert developed webinars 

  • Implement the B.R.A.I.N method

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Follow professionally developed, done-for-you meal plans

What BFB Alum have to say...

For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again! My brain feels less "fuzzy" and I can actually focus on the task at hand!

Katherine D.

BFB Alum 2020

The resources and materials provided are WONDERFUL. I have a few of them on my refrigerator and the others saved on my phone.

Sarah A.

BFB Alum 2020

Much more energy, confident in my food choices, not feeling "left out" or missing food that I'm not currently able to eat, learning about my body and which foods it is more "sensitive" to and why!

Ashley W.

BFB Alum 2020

I did not come back from my trip 5 pounds heavier like usual vacations because the plan is so easy to follow!  I did not feel bloated at all while on our trip and did not come back feeling like my body needed a "detox". I also did not feel like I was on a "diet" during our trip, I only felt I was feeding my body with what it needs.  I felt accomplished!

Christy D.

BFB Alum 2020


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Are you ready to...

  • Have sustained energy throughout the day to conquer your to-do list

  • Prevent blood sugar crashes that leave you feeling "hangry" with poor focus and concentration

  • Nourish your stress hormone glands to be more in control of your mood

  • Support your thyroid to optimize memory and metabolism

  • Bridge nutrient gaps to prime energy production pathways

  • Establish an effective sleep routine to wake up feeling refreshed

  • Find peace with a diet you can follow for the rest of your life

    Picture it

    • Drink coffee because you enjoy it... not because you NEED it.

    • Quit wasting time and money on quick-fix diets and supplements that never work.

    • Be more present in your life instead of feeling exhausted, anxious, and "out of it".

    • Be in control of your mood by eating to support you hormones.

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